Anti-Stress Squishy Balls




  • Mesh Stress Balls: Squeeze the mesh squishy balls, it will change to different color grape.12 Pack Squishy Stress Balls set – 12 Pack Squishy Stress Balls set – 6 Gold Powder Grape Balls (Gold x 1, Red x 1,Silverx 1,rosex 1,bluex 1,greenx 1,); 6 Crystal Grape Balls (blue x 1, Silver x 1,orange x 1, red x 1,green x 1, purple x 1, ); These Pectin balls that let you stretch and squeeze them in fun and wacky ways!
  • Ergonomic Squishy Balls: When you need squishy calming toys and treatments, choose our colorful squeeze balls set, enjoy premium levels of comfort and relaxation either at home or in the office. These cute anti-stress balls let you squeeze, pull and squish them in your hands to help reduce stress, increase calm reduce tension and focus issues. Perfect decompression toy.
  • Squeeze Ball Mesh for Fun and Relax – These fidget balls can enhance your focus and relax your mind. Great choice for children struggling with autism or adhd, sensory balls for autistic children. Perfect anxiety relief toys items for kids, teens or adults.
  • High Quality Material – Made of TPR, the outer layer of the ball is thick and durable enough to ensure that the beads not be squished out no matter how hard you try. The outer layer is easy to clean, non-toxic without chemical odor. The slight rubber smell can be removed by airing the balls for several hours.
  • Gift Idea: These are the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer and Easter basket filler as well as a goodie bag filler and party favor for your kids parties and events. It’s also a great additional gift for the children birthday